ACTRA actors wanted!

Are you a member of ACTRA?  We are looking to compile a database of all local ACTRA actors.  If you would like to be listed in this database and have your information shared with productions that are looking for local ACTRA members please email us at

Please send the following information:

First Name:

Last Name:

Phone Number:


Date of Birth:



As well please send a profile picture and full picture of you.  The photos must be recent photos (taken in the last month)   No make-up is preferred.  Recent photos with a natural look are preferred.  It is very difficult to cast if we don't have a photo that is an accurate representation of how you look.

Please send to:

Please Note: SooFilms is not a casting agency however we are compiling a data base of all ACTRA actors and background workers in Sault Ste. Marie. Which is why we suggest, but do not require you to email us as well.

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